1-Shot Ballistics -v1.3.0

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This free application provides a suite of ballistic utilities designed to aid the shooter become more proficient with his firearm. The starting point is defining a firearm (rifle or pistol) and pairing it with the cartridges to be used or evaluated.

Side by side comparison of up to three different cartridges is supported. Output is provided in both tabular and plot form. This is useful when researching your next firearm purchase, or deciding which bullet for a given cartridge will provide the characteristics you require.

Local Altitude, Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity values may be used to provide a more precise shooting solution. Optionally, altitude may be used to correct Temperature and/or Pressure with the Standard Atmospheric Model.

Exterior Ballistic tables and plots are computed for a Firearm/Cartridge pair to provide Velocity, Energy, and Bullet Path values versus target distances. A selectable mix of English and Metric output units are supported. A computed ballistic table can be exported as a csv file for import into your favorite spreadsheet program. This allows you to customize formatting and printing. PDF reports and plots of the computed results may be saved locally to your android device.

Bullet Length and Environmental factors are used to compute Bullet Stability for the firearms rifling twist rate. This has become more important as the use of Lead-Free bullets becomes more common and in some states mandatory.

A Target Solution report provides scope adjustments and holdover, windage, and lead values for distance, wind, and target motion variables.

A Target Simulation view provides aiming/point-of-impact feedback for distance, wind, and target motion variables.

Commercial Rifle Cartridge information for Federal, Remington, and Winchester ammunition are available for import and pairing with a rifle profile. The data can be selectively reduced to present just the cartridges of interest.

A utility to compute the adjustment needed to change a firearms scope zero distance is provided.

True Muzzle velocity is computed from Chronograph velocity.

The G1 Ballistic Coefficient may be computed from two velocity measurements taken at least 50 yards apart. This is useful since some cartridge manufacturers provide bullet velocity information versus distance, but not the ballistic coefficient of the bullet.

A utility is provided to compute open sight adjustments based on the difference between the sighting point, the point-of-impact, and the distance to the target.

Felt recoil is computed from rifle, bullet, and powder weights.

1-Shot Ballistics -v1.3.0 Free Apk Download

1-Shot Ballistics-v1.3.0 Apk Download

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1-Shot Ballistics

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1-Shot Ballistics-v1.3.0 Apk Download

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