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Capture game rules. You probably already know how to play the 2048 game, but if you don't understand it, here are the most basic rules. Note that this is the game version of the official game version, but there are also various versions of the game, clones, and even previous versions. Many of them have different game rules.
Swipe the screen up, down, left or right to move all the numbered squares in the corresponding direction. Each cell will move in that direction until it touches the wall or another cell (you need to press the arrow keys in the computer version).
Each move, a new numbered 2 or 4 box will appear in an empty position in the most recently moved row or column.

Try to reach the number 2048. When you move the two squares with the same number of touches, they enter a new square that is equal to the sum of the two cells. For example, two squares 2 will enter into a square 4. The goal you need to try to achieve is to create a square of 2048.
Pause game and calculate first. You can quickly be attracted to the game and try to move as fast as you can. If you want to have a higher chance of winning, you should try to control and move only when ready. Plan ahead and try to imagine what the table looks like after you make the next move, or at least guess what will happen to some important squares.

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Get into the corner. A popular way of playing many players is to create a large value square at a certain angle. Choosing which corner doesn't matter but you need to stick with that corner after choosing. [1]
This play is most effective when that corner is part of the row where you are staying in the filled state. Thus, you can move the squares from left to right without affecting your high-value square.
Seize the opportunity to combine multiple squares. If you see a long row of identical cells, you should usually combine all those boxes to have more space on the table.

Alternately click above and right. An alternate basic play method does clicking above and to the right until there are no more moving squares. When this happens, you need to click on the left side, then continue to switch between the two clicks above and to the right. This does not guarantee that you will "break the island" – in fact, it is often difficult to win when playing this way. However, this is a way to help you achieve a high score, and also a quick way to break your previous record.

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2048 new-v10.6 Apk Download

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