3D Furniture -v3

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3D Furniture App provides your furniture to view from all the angles.It contain 5 sofas and 20 textures in which you can view your sofa in different textures. The 5 3D sofas models designed in Blender software. Every model with low poly and High quality good looking.These 3D models can be used for designing new original furniture or for any 3D graphics for personal usage or for commercial use.Anybody can use these models for designing purpose and take it as reference.

3D Furniture App is very beneficiary for 3D designers and furniture designers.It also make benefits to those who have furniture shops and wants their customer to look their furnitures from different angle and in different textures.

Note: 3D Furniture App is best viewed in Tablets .In phone ,due to low rendering effeciency,the textures may not look like as in the list.

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3D Furniture -v3 Free Apk Download

3D Furniture-v3 Apk Download

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3D Furniture

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3D Furniture-v3 Apk Download

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