Airforce Horizon – Classic air -v1.3

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Airforce Horizon – A classic aircraft battle with a modern style gameplay, shooting action with aircraft, various kinds of weapons used.

Your journey is blocked by a large number of enemy forces, you have to face them all and defeat the boss to get to the next level mission.

Collect all stars, you can use stars to upgrade planes.

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You can also upgrade weapons, aircraft engines and defense capabilities to make the aircraft stronger.

How to play is very easy, just point your finger to the plane and move, then the plane will move in the direction of your finger.

Airforce Horizon – Classic air -v1.3 Free Apk Download

Airforce Horizon - Classic air-v1.3 Apk Download

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Airforce Horizon – Classic air

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Airforce Horizon - Classic air-v1.3 Apk Download

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