Airplane Games: Oil Transport -v1.4

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After graduation from Airplane Driving School! Airplane flight pilot it’s time to fly plane up in sky and start professional life in Airplane Oil Tanker Truck Transporter Game. At start of career, Airplane flying pilot has to be multi-tasking and complete challenging missions of car transport, cargo truck driving, multi car driving and oil tanker transporter apart from cargo plane flying. Answer the transportation duty call! Your first car transport duty is to drive sports car and multi cars and load them to heavy truck. Transport Tycoon! Drive like a pro car driver and complete car transport duty in Airplane Oil Tanker Truck Transporter Game.

Airplane Games: Oil Transport :

It’s every city flying school graduate dream to be pro city airplane flight simulator and fly plane to conquer the sky. Start your flight journey! Step into shoes of cargo plane flying pilot and enter flying airplane cockpit! Time to takeoff pilot plane city airplane flight simulator full of heavy cargo and sports car. Airplane oil tanker truck transport pilot! Enjoy beautiful scenes while flying city airplane flight and carefully land cargo plane on city airport runway! Showcase real pilot skills! Use the power of locomotive engine for perfect takeoff and safe landing by following the rules of flying airplane learned from city flying school.

Cargo Truck Driving Missions:

Airplane flight pilot! Complete your car transport duty but first you need to carefully drive sports car from showroom and load them to cargo truck. Keep in mind that multi cars should not get damaged. After multi car driving it’s time to fasten your seat belt and start cargo truck driving. In Airplane Oil Tanker Truck Transporter Game pass through different city roads, safely reach city airport and smartly load cars and cargo on C130 cargo plane. Play your role in tricky flight pilot plane and take heavy cargo and sports car on their final air transport flying journey.
Oil Tanker Truck Transporter Duty!

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Emergency Duty Call! Fuel Shortage has occurred at city airport. Airplane flight pilot! Be a pro truck driver and complete your cargo truck oil tanker transporter duty. Truck driving skills as cargo truck driving require extreme experience of truck driving games 2018.

Download this amazing pilot plane Wi-Fi free Airplane Oil Tanker Truck Transporter Game and let’s takeoff and start thrilling flying journey full of flying adventure.

Features of Airplane Games: Oil Transport:

• Best City Airplane transport of crazy cars Simulator games 2018!
• Smooth and user friendly airplane flying controls!
• Challenging oil tanker truck transport and flying airplane missions!
• Multiple camera angles of tricky flight pilot simulator!
• HD graphics, 3D graphics and stunning sound effects of Airplane Games: Oil Transport!

Airplane Games: Oil Transport -v1.4 Free Apk Download

Airplane Games: Oil Transport-v1.4 Apk Download

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Airplane Games: Oil Transport

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Airplane Games: Oil Transport-v1.4 Apk Download

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