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Important note:

To support Android 5 to 10 the following points must be observed:
1. Download latest 2LINK App version 2.0.4
2. Activate Bluetooth and give location approval at the same time (request from Google)
3. Firmware update to version 1.2.1** via Smartphone and 2LINK App
Start App and 2LINK-Box -> Settings -> Connected 2LINK-Box -> Update 2LINK-Box Firmware -> Restart after update

**The initial firmware update of the 2LINK-Box to version 1.2.1 can only be done with devices from Apple or Android 9.1 or older. If you or one of your friends do not own one of these devices, you will of course get support from one of our HY4 partners or customer centers.
Future updates can also be done with the latest Android devices.
If you like the app, we would be happy to receive a feedback in the Play Store. If you have any suggestions, ideas or problems, please send an email to [email protected]

2LINK Connectivity with the latest chassis functions makes driving with a caravan or motorhome even safer and more comfortable. 2LINK lets you access the new world of chassis sensor technology on your smartphone. Other exciting functions will be gradually added. In combination with the 2LINK Box, the 2LINK App provides a secure Bluetooth LE connection via a personal PIN.

At the moment, 2LINK provides the following valuable information:

2LINK for trailers
1. Status display of the ATC anti-snaking system
– Visible safety: Critical towing conditions of the caravan vehicle combination are detected at an early stage while driving in the car.
– Clear, non distracting mode of effect of the ATC status display. Green status screen: ATC ready for operation, orange status screen: ATC active, red status screen: ATC not ready to function.
– Requirement for use of the ATC status display is the availability of an ATC with firmware V1.35 or higher, and a 2LINK Box.

2. Spirit level
– The unique integrated electronic spirit level makes the levelling of the caravan considerably easier.
– The sensor integrated in the 2LINK Box recognises the current vertical and horizontal alignment of the caravan and shows this directly on the smartphone display.

2LINK for vehicles
1. HY4 steady leg system
– HY4 weighing function for 2 and 3-axle motorhomes
• Weight display in kilogrammes (kg) or pounds (lbs.)
• Display of the permissible and actual axle weights
• Display of the permissible and actual vehicle weight
– Control of the HY4 steady leg system via smartphone

2LINK – General information
1. AL-KO service locations*
– All authorised AL-KO retailers and service stations are always accessible on your smartphone.
– The GPS location data shows the AL-KO service stations in your immediate vicinity.
– Extensive contact information and other information on the services of each retailer and service partner is given.

2. Operating manuals
– Latest operating manuals for AL-KO accessory products always at hand.
– Can be used online and offline

In order to use all 2LINK App functions for trailers, you need the 2LINK Box and the AL-KO Trailer Control (ATC). Both can be purchased from your dealer or the AL-KO customer centre.
The 2LINK App function for vehicles/motorhomes requires the installation of a HY4 steady leg system.

*To use this service, you need an active Internet connection.

AL-KO 2LINK Latest Version Free Apk Download

AL-KO 2LINKLatest Version Apk Download

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AL-KO 2LINKLatest Version Apk Download

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