AliFunGame – Parkour Jump (跑酷跳 -v4.0

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周圍會出現障礙物, 跳過閃避可得分, 但隨著得分越多, 會加速並提升關卡難度,

第一關卡: 地面會出現火燄, 岩石, 黑洞等障礙物, 不能碰撞需跳過, 累計得 30 分可過關.

第二關卡: 除了原有的障礙外, 天空烏雲打雷, 左右閃避不要被閃電劈到, 累計得 80 分可通關.

第三關卡: 除了原有的障礙外, 會出現無法跳躍過的牆壁, 需用氣功波擊破, 累計得 130 分可通關.

第四關卡: 需用氣功波攻擊王的弱點, 才可得分過關.

碰到障礙物會失敗, 不過可接關 10 次, 快來挑戰反應極限吧!


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Obstacles will appear around you, you can score by skipping dodges, but as you score more points, it will speed up and increase the level of difficulty.

The first level: There will be flames, rocks, black holes and other obstacles on the ground.If you can't collide, you need to skip. A total of 30 points can be passed.

The second level: In addition to the original obstacles, the sky is clouded and thundered. Do not evade left or right. Don't be struck by lightning. A total of 80 points can be cleared.

The third level: In addition to the original obstacles, there will be walls that can't be jumped over. You need to break them with qigong waves. You can get 130 points to get through.

The fourth level: You need to use qigong waves to attack the king's weakness in order to score and pass.

It will fail if it encounters an obstacle, but it can be cleared 10 times. Come and challenge the reaction limit!

AliFunGame – Parkour Jump (跑酷跳 -v4.0 Free Apk Download

AliFunGame - Parkour Jump (跑酷跳-v4.0 Apk Download

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AliFunGame – Parkour Jump (跑酷跳

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AliFunGame - Parkour Jump (跑酷跳-v4.0 Apk Download

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