Angry Worm Venom Rush -v1.2

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Beware! If your head touches another worms' tail, you will explode into food pieces and you will have to start again as a small worm. But if you develop your slithering skills and swerve in front of other worms' head, or encircle them and force them to hit your tail with their heads, then they will die and you can eat their food for a fast growing boost. There is no limit how big your worm can get! Eat as much as possible and keep your slither alive to become the biggest player on the map.

Unlike the classic snake game, in Angry Worm Rush you can play on-line with real players or off-line with artificial intelligent snakes! Remember that you will always start small, but if you get sneaky you will grow your snake to be huge in no time.

The player with the highest score of the day will have the opportunity to send a triumph message that the whole players on the server will gonna see!

Tips to become the best in Angry Worm Venom Rush game:
– You can touch your own snake tail but not others'.
– Whenever you use the speed booster you will become shorter and shorter, so use the speed button to accelerate your snake only when needed or you have enough length.
– Encircle other players so they can't escape until they hit your tail and die.
– Use the speed boost to accelerate your snake in front of others to make them hit you.
– Eat everything you see on the map, the more, the best.
– Avoid going between snakes, especially if they are big and there is a rush, be smart, don't get caught in the middle.
– Slither your worm wisely and always be careful.
– Keep your eyes on all sides at all time, you'll never know when a speedy slither will get in front of you.
– Eat the mass of the snakes and worms that you kill as fast as possible before others do.
– Food that comes from a killed slither is growing you faster than the regular food that is on the floor.

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So, can you become the biggest slithering worm?

Have fun!

Angry Worm Venom Rush -v1.2 Free Apk Download

Angry Worm Venom Rush-v1.2 Apk Download

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Angry Worm Venom Rush

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Angry Worm Venom Rush-v1.2 Apk Download

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