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Though in comparison Japanese anime art styles is not really the kind you find in art museums we love to look at them and probably put them up on our computers wallpaper and screen savers. If you are looking for this art you will probably find them through the numerous online websites that have anime cartoons. What always gets me however is the clothes they wear and the surroundings visualized in the cartoons. They are usually of the early days of Japanese history with Ninja's and Samurai's being key figures in the cartoon series and the manga art comics as well. You will also find the manga style comics and the anime cartoons play important key roles in the art of anime style.

Many of these anime art styles is of three dimensional also known as 3D and two dimensional also known as 2D and many will be still pictures. They will probably be of famous anime cartoon characters that you already know and some of who you don't. The art might be confusing at first because you know that they are Japanese and strangely they look more of western than Asian. With their blue eyes and yellow or orange hair the cartoons and pictures resemble more of the western look than those of the Japanese. We also loved and still do love to look at real art as well as beautiful art that touches us when we look at it. One such art that you can love to look at would be anime art.

Animation Cels – A cel (short for celluloid) is a blank clear plastic sheet used by the studio artist to paint an animated character or object based on the animator's original pencil drawing. The cels are then placed over a background and photographed in sequence to produce an illusion of life in the completed film or cartoon short. Every cel is different but this does not mean that every cel is unique. Often multiple copies of a cel were created by the Inkers as color models in order to advance their technique and skills in Animation Art.

anime drawings has become a very popular form of art over the last several years. Many young people have become big fans of this art, as well as those of older age groups. anime drawing styles is truly something that people of any age can enjoy. Anime art galleries have been growing online due to the volume of people that desire to download the best anime drawing ideas artwork. In this article I want to tell you about the best anime art galleries and also why they are the best. When looking to download some anime artwork, you want to make sure that you will be getting a quality product. I personally have tried to download some anime drawing websites before and been disappointed with what I got. The quality was bad, and I was even worried that the file could possibly harm my computer.

The most common question asked by a person just starting to collect animation art is, "What determines the prices of animation art?" There are six main pricing factors: (1) age and rarity, (2) character and image, (3) studio and film, (4) background, (5) signatures and (6) condition. The more rare a piece of art the higher the demand, and the higher the retail price. Simple supply and demand. Animation art in all forms was once just considered a byproduct of the final film. As such, they held no value and were thrown away or the cels were wiped clean from the acetate and the acetate was reused.

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