Anime Transformation: Cartoon -v1.6

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Our Anime Face Maker will turn your normal daily photos into real life vs anime photos, with the pretty anime avatar maker included to decorate your moment pictures, for the best possible cartoon version of yourself, in an easy cartoon photo editor step.

Anyone can get their cartoon face changement in a minute to Transform yourself using Anime Face Maker: Cartoon Photo filters, miltuple anime face changer artworks are ready for you: Pencil Sketch Art, Kawaii anime camera, Selfie animation Manga eyes, Photo manga, аниме kissing face, Cartoon maker, anima creator, Manga stickers, cartoon transformation… and way more content to discover with this manga avatar creator app.

Just take a selfie in Pencil Sketch Art animation mode with anima face maker and convert photo to cartoon and see yourself you look like in kawaii manga version or anime version. if you wonder how to transform to anime or get an anime transformation, Show us your way to animate your face and body – cartoonify yourself Now!

Anime Face Changer Features:

Artistic photo editing: change appearances
Turn your face into an anime character
cartoon me
Pencil Sketch Art animation
Change yourself, cartoonify yourself
Create manga from image with anima stickers: selfie drawing
Transform to comics or cartoon characters
Become a cartoon drawing with cartoon avatar maker
Cartoons photos editor for animated avatar maker & artwork lovers
Art stickers for mobile & kawaii anime face changer

Animate your reality!

Anime Transformation: Cartoon -v1.6 Free Apk Download

Anime Transformation: Cartoon -v1.6 Apk Download

Apk Download anime.transformation.cartoon.face.changer.sketchart Android App

Anime Transformation: Cartoon

package id anime.transformation.cartoon.face.changer.sketchart
Rating 2.96
Catgory Art & Design
version 1.6
Anime Transformation: Cartoon -v1.6 Apk Download

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