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Are you looking for a program to write text on images? Have you seen one of your friends put text on image and you want to design pictures like him and you have no design experience, no problem! Whether you want to edit photos or add text on photo, we designed the photo editor app to give everyone the ease of designing.

In free photo editor app, you will find the ability to edit images through the image editor tool, where you can choose a picture from the gallery or take a picture from the camera and start designing. As well as through the picture editor you can create the design from scratch where you can design on a transparent background if you want to design a logo A colorful background for the design or a picture from the gallery if you want to write text on pictures with wonderful and varied fonts.

Add text to photo free from your phone with ease and in a professional and elegant style. With pixlr editor, add text to image will be more fun and will give you the feeling of a professional designer, as picture text editor gives you all the tools that the designer needs to help him in creativity, and therefore it is considered the best program for write text on images and editing images.

Writing Tools on photo text editor :

◂ Text on photos
• Add text: a tool to write text on an image, and the text can be configured through the configurations in the text writing box.
• Font type: You can select the font type from among the many distinguished Arabic and English fonts.
• Text color: Write on Pictures has a huge color library containing all the colors you could need in a design.
• Text Size: A tool that helps you to increase or decrease the text size easily.
• Shadow: A tool that helps you add a shadow to the text, control the screen shadow, and control the color of the text shadow.
• 3D: You can make 3D text with this tool.
• Text background: You can set a background for the text and control the transparency of the text background.

◂ Quotes on pictures
• The designer program contains a large collection of Arabic quotes in addition to English quotes, ready-made sentences and phrases written in beautiful fonts that you can add to images with one click.

◂ Backgrounds
• The program for writing on images provides a beautiful library that contains a lot of diverse backgrounds for design, and you can also choose an image from the phone and modify it.
• You will also find a color library containing all shades of colors that can be used as a background for the design.

◂ Stickers
• A large collection of stickers and emojis that you can add to pictures and decorate the design with, such as love and birthday stickers, Islamic stickers and shapes that help in design such as text frames and many other various stickers that will make your design very beautiful and beautiful.

◂ Frames
• A large number of frames are available for free that you can choose from and use the appropriate frame for your photo.

◂ Filters and Effects
• Apply photo filters or photo effects and create professional and high-quality photos with image editor app.

Photo text editor is your best choice for write text on photos and editing photos. After completing the design, you can easily save your design with a click of a button, and also share the final design with your friends and family members on social media.

Text on photo – photo editor -v3.1.8 Free Apk Download

Text on photo - photo editor-v3.1.8 Apk Download

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Text on photo – photo editor

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Text on photo - photo editor-v3.1.8 Apk Download

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