APP 1933 – KMB/LWB -v2.0.2

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Brand new KMB ‧ LWB Smartphone App is a multi-functional app which provides users with the estimated bus arrival time, updates on bus services and the latest route information to help with journey planning.

Key functions of KMB ‧ LWB Smartphone App:

Estimated Time of Arrival & Journey Time
Passengers can obtain estimated bus arrival information and journey time of bus routes.

Store frequently used bus stops and locations in the app and get estimated arrival times of routes observing these stops.

Instant Traffic News
Receive instant updates on any temporary traffic arrangements affecting bus services.

Route Sharing
Share the desired route information to your friends.

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Landmark Route Search
Find your desired route with the help of more landmarks in the °ßpoint-to-point°® route search function.

Bus Stop Navigation
Find your way to the nearest bus stop by using GPS.

Other Functions
– The lowest bus fare and the fewest enroute stop sorting
– Alight reminder
– New intelligent keyboard for route input

Remarks: Using GPS will use extra battery power

KMB ‧ LWB Smartphone App

APP 1933 – KMB/LWB -v2.0.2 Free Apk Download

APP 1933 - KMB/LWB-v2.0.2 Apk Download

Apk Download com.kmb.app1933 Android App

APP 1933 – KMB/LWB

package id com.kmb.app1933
Rating 3.24
Catgory Travel & Local
version 2.0.2
APP 1933 - KMB/LWB-v2.0.2 Apk Download

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