AR Balloon Shooter -v2

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Augmented reality is one the best concept of having a realistic view for a virtual world through the camera. It gives a 360 degree view of the real world with the augmented objects in it. Using this concept of AR we have developed a game called “AR Balloon Shooter” for the user.

AR Balloon Shooter is an interesting and amazing shooting game which uses the camera scene as its environment for the game scene and the objects are pretended to appear in the physical environment through the camera of the device. The objects which are used in the game are Balloons, these balloons appear in the game scene (camera’s real environment) and user have to shoot the augmented object (Balloons) appearing in the game scene. The game supports your camera’s 360 view and use it as 3D environment for game scene.

It found to be very interesting for those user who are fond of spawning the balloons during the birthday parties and other functions. So, this game would be found to be very interesting for those people.

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As soon as the game starts, the balloon starts appearing in the game scene and it will be moving towards the upward direction and the user has to shoot all the balloons appearing. While on shooting the balloons, it will produce the sound of balloon spawning and the smoke effect will be generated. This gives the game a realistic way of playing the game with the best user experience.

Play this cool realistic game anywhere indoor, outdoor by shooting the balloons around you.

This game will only work on the devices which are compatible for the AR Core Libraries.

AR Balloon Shooter -v2 Free Apk Download

AR Balloon Shooter-v2 Apk Download

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AR Balloon Shooter

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AR Balloon Shooter-v2 Apk Download

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