AR Theatre -v0.2.1

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*Requires a powerful device*

Load your own 3D models, animations and other formats from your device's storage and view in augmented reality.

Supported import file types:
3D Model: 3ds, dae (Collada), fbx, obj, stl, MMD: pmx, pmd, vmd
Video: mp4, m4v
Audio: wav, mp3
Image: jpg, png, tga, bmp, dds

Video can be recorded and saved as mp4 on your device and also shared in-app.

Any image can be used for tracking

The free version has a watermark and can enter playmode for 3 minutes at a time, it does not contain any ads.
The full version removes all limitations and can be unlocked in the app for approximately US$5.99 (depending on exchange rates)

AR Theatre -v0.2.1 Free Apk Download

AR Theatre-v0.2.1 Apk Download

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AR Theatre

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AR Theatre-v0.2.1 Apk Download

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