Army Missile Transport War -v1.8

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Army Missile Transport War: Drone Attack Truck Mission

Being a part of the US robot army truck driver, you have to serve your army driving duty. Transform the army robot into missile truck, tank, Humvee and helicopter to transport the army drone missile for the attack war. Park the missile truck at the attacking point them aim the missile target after transform the army robot into battleground vehicles. Launch the missile to fire and blast the missile to target the enemy’s basecamp in ultimate war drone attack mission. Play the missile attack mission and help the US robot army.

Transform the army robot in to truck, tank and helicopter and drive the missile attack on highway for the defense of your country. Drone attack mission is an army tank shooting game where you could experience the war situation in real time. So defend your world in this missile war attacking game with your robot superpowers. You have only chance to shoot and destroy base camp that is in an attacking move to destroy your army robot base camp. Blast the warfare on them with the drone missile attack mission. Drive the robot truck to the safe arena in this missile launcher attack war and launch on target.

Enjoy missile truck simulator game.
Drone missile is not only a simulator game but also let you experience the rest of war situation. Take rocket on the proper place for taking aim to launch missile on the enemy territory. Start the army missile war in this ultimate battleground with driving simulation. Follow the map location during launcher transportation mission. Don’t let anyone escape from the launch missile attack.

In this robot army transport game you haven’t fight against the land force, here you have to shoot only single target with heavy blast that is more powerful and boom as compare to any gun like sniper, AK47 and other weapons.

Now you are real army hero. Set the missile launcher truck, tank, Humvee and helicopter to save your people and robot army base. You have a powerful missile weapons so loaded them into jumbo military truck with realistic fore and blast effect. Drive safe in US robot army missile transport 2019 game. Enemies can’t be able to defend your powerful robot’s attack launcher. But be aware of enemy and use your military tactics.

Characteristic of Robot Missile Transport:
• Multiple Launchers like Truck, Helicopter & Tank.
• Easy & Smooth Vehicle Controls.
• Challenging Missile Transport Mission.

Army Missile Transport War -v1.8 Free Apk Download

Army Missile Transport War-v1.8 Apk Download

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Army Missile Transport War

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Army Missile Transport War-v1.8 Apk Download

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