Army Robot Training Course -v1.0.3

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Army Robot Training Course – US Military Force game will let you enjoy the training the latest robots and fresh cadets with newly designed army challenging tasks. In this army training game, you would be trained for real-life scenarios of army battle. You have to win the title of a best military officer of the army academy by completing all the obstacle courses.

You will play this US army school training game as a fresh cadet and as a real robot because in battlefield only human army is not enough for guarding the country. Along with sergeants, you would also train an army robot for special courses. Robots army will be trained for all the tasks as a military officer did. Training will include army strategy planning like when and how you would cross the danger area and how to cross the high hurdles, obstacles, etc.

This US army ranger game will enhance your skills of target setting by giving you different challenging missions and tasks. Grueling tasks by senior military officers will make you more strong and will equip you with epic skills necessary for fighting on the battlefield. Be the brave army soldier by accomplishing different challenging missions. You would be kept in survival island for completing your army training, face the dangers, learn to lead from the front and forget about previous luxury life.

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You also have to train the metallic robots for fighting against the enemies army on the battlefield. Army robots are better than army cadets because they never get tired of anything. You can make them learn anything easily. They can be easily trained in any US army training base camp, once they are trained they will be always the hero of the army course program.
When you start playing this US military force either as a military cadet or army robot you have to suffer various difficulties because in the beginning you would be tired easily and get fatigued due to hectic drills. As the military training missions continue you would become stronger and stronger gradually due to challenging missions and tasks performed in the army camp.

*** Features of Army Robot Training Course – US Military Force 2019 ***
* very difficult army training challenges
* human and robots survival game
* variety of challenging hurdles
* real-time animations
* user-friendly controls
* purpose build a training school environment
* robot training in extreme weathers
* best physical training game
* best army simulator game
* fully action pack deadly force game
* enjoy army games for free
* best army games for kids
* best army base camp training game

Hit the install button for joining the army training academy with latest courses for becoming the best soldier of us army force.

Army Robot Training Course -v1.0.3 Free Apk Download

Army Robot Training Course-v1.0.3 Apk Download

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Army Robot Training Course

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Army Robot Training Course-v1.0.3 Apk Download

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