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Provides detailed information about more than 2,200 museums and galleries
Shows the nearest gallery, analyzes my taste and curates information of exhibition.

Place getting closer to the art work and artist. Curation platform of Analysis of art data taste – ARTMAP

You can receive exhibition invitation notification, brochure reservation shipping without missing a new exhibition by the original artist of your favorite painting.
You can also inquire about the purchase of artworks through the ARTMAP
We can help you search all galleries across the country including(or like) Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Daejeon, and Jeju.

◆government 3.0 Cultural data utilization competition award

◆Business agreement with Naver cloud platform in the fields of culture, arts and commerce

◆Good Contest Service Certification – KOREA Data Agency

◆interested in paintings, but do not know where to see it?
– Follow if you have favorite paintings, preference and interested artists.
ARTMAP recommends artworks that are perfect for you.
– If you set your taste and question about artwork, you can get recommendations for paintings and exhibitions as ARTMAP's analysis algorithm(Color analysis, From image deep learning, Genre etc.)

◆Share exhibition and gallery information that you want to go.
Share with your friends information of new exhibition, artist's pick, my list, information of gallery' place.

◆ Did you found good artworks, artists that you want to know?
ARTMAP provides information of preferred artists and connects you to the artists personally so that you can see the works that you want to own.

◆You can keep your favorite works and see them again. also you can check the list of the exhibitions you have seen.

◆Do you want to see an artist' solo exhibition?
If you follow your favorite artist, and we send notification of invitation before exhibition.

◆Welcome the registration of visual arts' works and exhibition.

◆ARTMAP Official SNS
Web site:

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ARTMAP-v4.4.3 Apk Download

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