Astranator -v0.5 beta

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You are the captain of a small spacecraft that earns its living by carrying out various missions: guarding strategic facilities, transporting cargo, escorting important people, etc. For each successfully completed mission, you receive an appropriate reward and increase your level.
You can earn rewards by buying and reselling goods and trophies in different places of the Galaxy.
The received income can be spent on upgrading the ship, purchasing additional equipment or investing in the development of strategic facilities.

At the moment the game is in development stage and implements the functionality of only a couple of missions in which you can just shoot.
Try, shoot, tell us what we should to remove or add.
We appreciate any your opinion. But your support is especially important to us!

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Good luck!

Astranator -v0.5 beta Free Apk Download

Astranator-v0.5 beta Apk Download

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version 0.5 beta
Astranator-v0.5 beta Apk Download

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