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This DIY Terrarium makes a great gift, was assembled in a matter of minutes and looks really beautiful. Glass globes are now readily available at garden nurseries, and "air plants" like the Tilandsia that we used in this terrarium are even carried at home depot during some seasons. I think at one point these plants were harder to locate, but now they're becoming quite common. Terrariums are simple to make and maintain, and are perfect for hanging next to a desk, bed, or by the kitchen window where they can be admired and enjoyed.

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The materials for a terrarium can usually be purchased at a local nursery or hardware store. There are online retailers for most of these items.

The first layer in the terrarium is a thin layer of sand or pebbles for drainage. We chose sand because Long Island where the terrarium was constructed is literally one giant pile of sand, so if you dig down a bit, it's readily available, and free. Small pebbles might look nicer.

The next layer to put in is activated charcoal or activated carbon - same thing. This is the stuff from your Brita water filter or fish tank filter - if you've got that, toss it in there. Otherwise, you can buy small amounts online, or skip this step entirely. I just happened to have a whole lot of activated charcoal lying around for a future project so we took a 1/4 cup or so and added it in.

Next, put in an inch or two of well draining soil. I mixed some potting soil with succulent soil to achieve a good blend. You don't need much, as the plants themselves come with a soil clump that will likely allow them to survive on their own for quite a while.

We're breaking a cardinal rule here of terrarium building and including both a plant and a succulent in the same terrarium. Generally it's thought that the small plants well suited to life in a terrarium require different living conditions then succulents. I however am a non-conformist and chose to break this rule.

It can be helpful to buy a few accessories for the terrarium. If you've made a glass terrarium in a globe that isn't self supporting, you'll need some kind of a hook. I think these iron hooks look quite nice when paired with the terrarium.

Maintenance on these little guys is pretty easy. Simply hang it in an area that receives moderate sun, but not direct sun if possible, and make sure you water the little guys once a week or so. If it's looking real wet in there, or if mold or a swampy odor develops, you're definitely over-watering. If the plant parts start to wilt, they you'r likely under watering.
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