AWP Training for CSGO -v1.58

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Train and practice your AWP sniping skills on your mobile while you can't play the real game :o) Left thumb to aim or reload, right thumb to snipe or zoom the awp sniper scope. Have fun ! This is not a 3D game, so you can't walk around in the maps, but it does give you some CSGO flavour when you are not at your PC !

By popular demand we also added other weapons like AK47, AUG, USP-S, Desert Eagle, FAMAS, M4A1-S and UMP. Typical weapon sounds, recoil, ammo clip reloading,… are all simulated. Make sure you do tactical reloads while the enemy is hiding. Request your favourite weapon on your review or our facebook page.

'AWP Training for CSGO' offers situations from popular maps such as Dust2, Mirage, Overpass, Inferno, Cobblestone, Office, Nuke, Canals, Italy, Train, Zoo and Assault ! All with bullet penetration: the bots are safe behind concrete walls, but you still can get them through wooden doors or other light materials ! You can request your favourite maps too ! Enjoy your own esports simulator while you are away from home, sitting on the train, the plane, or in the hotel or restaurant :o)

Watch a video ad to get armor, (smoke) grenades and a Defuse Kit. The Defuse Kit is handy when you need to defuse the bomb, else you will have to crack the code manually before time runs out !

This is more than an auto clicker for CS:GO, a loot crate case opening game, a weapon sounds app or a skins collector game for CSGO. This is a fun first-person shooter giving you that unique CS:GO atmosphere on your mobile.

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Fantasy money is also there, just like in the real CS:GO game. Earn cash by playing well, buy your favourite weapon case for the next round with the currency. The weapon skin roulette cases shows you the most popular skins.

Watch a video ad to get a FREE spin on the Wheel of Fortune, giving you extra cash to buy your favourite weapons !

Just so you know: 'AWP Training for CSGO' is a fan-made first-person shooter game, it is free and will always be free !

Legal notice: AWP TRAINING FOR CSGO is not endorsed by Valve and does not reflect the views or opinions of Valve. The images contained within are copyrighted by Valve and all information are intellectual property of Valve. AWP TRAINING FOR CSGO is a FREE app and is produced by fans for fans of the actual game made by Valve.

AWP Training for CSGO -v1.58 Free Apk Download

AWP Training for CSGO-v1.58 Apk Download

Apk Download com.joyline.csgoawptrainer Android App

AWP Training for CSGO

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AWP Training for CSGO-v1.58 Apk Download

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