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Background Changer & Eraser is the best-in-class photo editing app to remove background from your images.You can use any image as a background, too. The application included many amazing features such as the Auto Erase background, Manual Erase, Repair tool, Move Background / Foreground or change the background completely. You can use your photos as a background. This app contains lots of built-in backgrounds as well as you can also choose from your folder. Another feature in this app is that you can manually remove its background from a photo. It's available freely at the play store. So, download it now and enjoy this bg remover tool.

Features of “Background Changer & Eraser” app:
# Easy method to remove the background.
# Place your desired background image.
# Auto-Erase function is available.
# You can manually delete the background.
# Background Repair Tool available.
# A large collection of built-in backgrounds available.

How to use “Background Changer & Eraser”:
First of all, you need to download the application from the play store. Tap on the Start button after it's installed. There are three sections which you can see:
# Gallery
# Camera
# My Photos

If you want to edit the photos from your phone, select the first "Gallery" option. You will see all of the pictures available on the device. Choose whichever photo you want to edit. You will lead to the crop section. You can crop that photo there. Many aspect ratios are available including Fit Image Square 3:4, 4:3, 9:16, 16:9, Circle, Circle Square, etc. At the top of the screen, there are rotate choices you can also use them. Click on the Done button located at the top right corner.

Now, you can see the Background Eraser tools. In this screen, you can see there are four options available:
# Auto Erase
# Manual Erase
# Repair
# Zoom

Use Auto-Erase to automatically remove the background. You can see a slider at the bottom of the screen from which you can set the erase level. Choose the second option, to delete bg manually. To remove bg manually, drag on the picture portion that you want to remove. The size of the remover pointer can be adjusted from the slider given below. The size option is available in sizes from 0-100. There, if you accidentally deleted a component and you want it to restore it, the app provides a facility for undoing and redoing. There is also a repair tool available by the third "Repair" tag, to remove your erased part. For repair tool, scale from 0-100 available, the same as for Eraser. The final tag is for zooming. It is used to zoom the images in / out. Pinch to zoom image on the screen. If all is done, then press the "Done" button.

The next screen in Background Changer & Eraser app allows you to set the position for the foreground/background. It contains four options described as Foreground, Background, Change BG and Gallery. If you want to change the position of the foreground, select the first option. Now, drag on the screen. With the zoom in/out functionality, you can set the image in any angle. Now if you need to change the position of your background, select the second option and drag on the screen. Methods are the same for both, foreground and background. If you want to change the background, then select the third option “Change BG”. As you can see, several inbuilt backgrounds are already available here. To set it as background, pick any of them. The last Gallery option allows you to set the desired image as the background. It includes all of your images. Pick any of them for bg. The new picture will be stored in the gallery. You can share it with your friends and family, add it to favorites or delete it.

The Camera feature lets you take and edit a picture. The process is similar to the first function. All of your edited photos will be seen in My Photos. The top-right corner is given for "Delete Everything".

So, download this amazing bg remover and converter app “Background Changer & Eraser” now.

Background Changer & Eraser -v3.3 Free Apk Download

Background Changer & Eraser-v3.3 Apk Download

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Background Changer & Eraser

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Background Changer & Eraser-v3.3 Apk Download

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