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How to make crafts from bamboo there are so many. This is because bamboo is a material that is very easily tampered with because of its flexible and strong. If you are proficient in processing, you can produce various forms of craft, even to make money.

Bamboo itself is one of the many plants that are very easy to find in our country. This is because of our country's strategic geographic location so that the growth and distribution of bamboo becomes fast and easy. Climate in Indonesia itself is very friendly to the growth of plants.

Benefits and How to Make Bamboo Crafts

For bamboo benefits, this bamboo is a flexible shaft, which causes it not easily broken, hard wood walls and repetitive pengnafaatannya also time to live this long plant.

No wonder bamboo be one reason in the way of making handicrafts. Besides having the material that is easy to find, this bamboo handicraft has more value as it looks more unique and interesting although the workmanship is pretty complex.

In general, various types of crafts from bamboo above can be made by anyone using a particular tool. There can be made using ordinary tools such as saws, hammer, and the like. But for the convenience of bamboo processing, you can use various bamboo processing machines, among others, a bamboo cutting machine, a bamboo splitting machine and a bamboo iris machine.

How to Make Bamboo Crafts

Here I will share how to make handicrafts from bamboo. Because bamboo crafts are in great demand by local communities and even abroad, bamboo crafts are growing even abroad even though they do not.

In addition to some of the ideas below, you can also read articles about various types of handicrafts from this bamboo.

1. How to Make Bamboo Wind Chimes

By making this bamboo craft, you can entertain yourself or relaxation thanks to the sound produced by these bamboo bells.

A peaceful atmosphere in the garden, butterflies flying, and the sounds and notes generated by the bamboo bells that sway slowly, as well as the cool blowing wind, will surely make you feel like a vacation to a peaceful tropical island.

How to make crafts from bamboo

First of all, you need to prepare the following materials and equipment:

Coconut shell
Electric drill
How to make:

Well, now we turn to how to make crafts from bamboo to make wind chimes like the following:

Choose a medium-sized bamboo. Make sure the bamboo you are using is still healthy, not cracked and still strong.
Measure bamboo about 15-17 cm as much as 5 bamboo.
Measure the bamboo again along the 7 cm as many as 5 pieces that will be inserted into each small stick-shaped bamboo that will serve as an individual 'anchor' (each for each bamboo).
Cut / bamboo saws.
Clean the inside of the bamboo from the fibers using a small knife.
The shape of the bottom of the bamboo is curved (see picture of this article) with a distance of 8 cm from the top of the bamboo.
Bamboo sandpaper until smooth.
Hole the top of the bamboo to insert the rope using an electric drill.
Split the coconut shell into a semicircle.
Sandpaper coconut shell until smooth.
Hole the coconut shell in accordance with the number of bamboo for the rope hole.
Tie each bamboo with a rope and connect it to the coconut shell.
If it is, enter the rope into the coconut shell hole and pull up.
Create a rope knot to unite the wind chimes and lock them up.
Finishing the bells using a polish to obtain aesthetic and maximum results
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