Be-be-bears in space -v1.220523

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The inseparable be-be-bears have long wanted to go to the outer space—to take a rocket for a ride, to see the stars and experience zero-gravity. They chose you to be the captain of the interplanetary spaceship! Go on an exciting adventure to explore new planets, meet their inhabitants, make incredible discoveries, unravel all mysteries and find new friends!

• A spaceship, extraordinary planets and other mysterious objects that you will need to explore together with the inseparable friends Bucky and Bjorn!
• Real heroes need the most beautiful costumes! Dress the animals the way you like 一 the wardrobe has something for everyone.
• Start a series of adventures traveling across the vastness of seas! Find all the treasures and meet the sea inhabitants of the Pirate Planet!
• Put together a dream machine and have a mind-dizzying competition with the bears on the Race Planet!
• New characters! Meet Val the Mole, an intelligent robot and an alien!

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Be-be-bears in space -v1.220523 Free Apk Download

Be-be-bears in space-v1.220523 Apk Download

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Be-be-bears in space

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Be-be-bears in space-v1.220523 Apk Download

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