Beat the Ragdoll -v1.6

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This ragdoll must be the loneliest and most miserable ragdoll alive.

You have been given the power of many different weapons to mete out justice towards its miserable existence.
How will you end it? Perhaps you will name it first?
Well, how about Bartholomew the Idiot? Or perhaps Jebediah the Boss? Or simply just Steve then?

Featuring a normal ragdoll character, a thin ragdoll stickman and a large ragdoll fatman!

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However you choose, various weapons are at your disposal. Choose between a pickaxe, sledgehammer, airplane, anvil or a simple beach ball and put an end to its misery!

No matter, the deed shall be done, like it always has, like it always will, forever, until the end of persistence!

Beat the Ragdoll -v1.6 Free Apk Download

Beat the Ragdoll-v1.6 Apk Download

Apk Download no.evensoft.killragdoll Android App

Beat the Ragdoll

package id no.evensoft.killragdoll
Rating 3.8811882
Catgory Action
version 1.6
Beat the Ragdoll-v1.6 Apk Download

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