Bee in Action! -v1.42

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Bee in Action! is here for you.

Are you ready for excitement and fun? Are you patient and cautious enough to play this game? Do you have fast responses and super reflexes? Stingy Bee! challenges you…

There are 30 levels. Each having several types of gateways (widths, heights, gaps). There are coins and golds. All welcomes you for the ultimate excitement and most enjoyable competition.

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HOW TO PLAY == Bee in Action! ==
1. Collect all coins to get the highest level scores.
2. Sum of the level scores will be used for world-wide rankings.
3. Stay inside the screen or you will fail.
4. Do not collide the gateways or you will fail.
5. Touch the screen for flapping the wings of the bee.
6. Late flapping may increase the descending speed of the bee.
7. Long flapping may increase the rising speed of the bee.
8. Continue to sequentially touch and release…
9. Tilt your phone to move horizontally.

– Passing a gateway: 100 points
– Collecting a coin: 10 points
– Collecting a gold coin: 50 points

– G is the acceleration of the gravity. Flap your wings to resist G.
– We also have speed of level, which makes gateways move from right to left.
– Speed of level starts at G/3 at level 1, and increases up to 2G/3 at level 30.
– Don't forget to enable tilt functionality to move horizontally.

Bee in Action! -v1.42 Free Apk Download

Bee in Action!-v1.42 Apk Download

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Bee in Action!

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Bee in Action!-v1.42 Apk Download

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