Big Orc Super Hero Adventures -v0.6

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Big orc is an ultimate superhero, carrying hauteclere. You play the role for big orc and top down gameplay view superhero adventure game. You need to kill all the enemies on your islands and become their boss by killing their evil king. After destroying the system of evils, you Snatch kingship from the demon king and be victorious king of the island's kingdom in this superhero adventure game.
Then go to the next war battlefield to conquer more of the island's kingdom and wear the crown of mighty king.

This ninja superhero fighting adventure game takes place in a island of dark. Unknown crime lords attacked the island and your ninja superhero should win to mafia gangs! Civilians waited for some help, but police and even army forces were unable to cope with gangster mafia villains. They had no hope and it seems that everything was going to ruin but superhero fight ninja master appeared! People want to kick away thugs from their hoods and streets. So handle the superhero to beat iron enemies on streets in one of the best super heroes fighting games!

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Big Orc Super Hero Adventures -v0.6 Free Apk Download

Big Orc Super Hero Adventures -v0.6 Apk Download

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Big Orc Super Hero Adventures

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Big Orc Super Hero Adventures -v0.6 Apk Download

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