Bird Shooting 2020 -v1.2

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Bird Shooting – Kill the wild Birds in this adventure, this is Shooting Birds simulator game best for your kids, or any age can play and enjoy this game. In this game, you are sent to the jungle with the gun loaded. This is an online/offline free game; you don't have to worry about any payment. Enjoy Bird shooting game with beautiful background nature. There are different jungles you are taken to shoot birds; you will surely love the music of the game theme too. There are many players playing this game online all over the world as much love our game. Beat the highest score possible. Share this game with your friends too and challenge them to beat your record.

Birds Shooting Game will help you increase your shooting level experience, wild birds hover from left to right and right to left zigzag, Now aim the bird and shoot it on the right way, Kill the bird with your gun as fast as you can. Don’t lose fire on the wrong target. Give sure shot fire. The gun takes 1.2 seconds to reload for the next fire. Make a proper Aim on birds and trigger/shoot it to kill. Your kids will love to play this. This game is fun loaded. You may fall addicted to playing.

Mission Follow every instruction on the mission. You can see the mission once you start the game, and you will also see the mission to shoot birds on the bottom of the game screen. There are different missions on every level. Moreover, you will be rewarded with Points shooting Birds, Mission is Shoot only red bird, Shoot only green bird, or shoot any birds as a bonus you will see the bird carrying Bomb, If you kill it you may get some bonuses. Playing these quests will be fun.

Birds shooting 2020 This is the most popular game for 2020/2021. Many people are engaged in playing bird shooting as they all want to be sniper champ with excellent shooting on birds. Why not you?

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Bird Shooting 2020 Key Features
Challenging New Missions recently updated
A fun experience with Shooting bird
Smooth and clear vision
Most addictive gameplay
Family game – any age group

Please install and play it responsively, Let us know your feedback, as your recommendation means a lot to us. Please write to us below

Bird Shooting 2020 simulator game is made for fun purposes only. We don't force or encourage anyone to kill animals or birds.

Bird Shooting 2020 -v1.2 Free Apk Download

Bird Shooting 2020-v1.2 Apk Download

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Bird Shooting 2020

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Bird Shooting 2020-v1.2 Apk Download

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