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A day that invites to throw far back memories, when he was born into the earth, or while still in the cradle and moments still playing cheerfully enjoying childhood. When that day comes, the man again raises his fingers, to recount the years that have passed in the world. Yes, the day is called "Birthday Day".
But actually from where the birthday celebration herself came up, to not a few Muslims celebrate it, this question which may have previously thought, let us browse the glance.
Birthday or Milad (in Arabic) first started in Europe. Beginning with the fear of an evil spirit coming at birth,
Many of the symbols are associated or associated with birthdays since hundreds of years ago. There is little explanation as to why birthday celebrations should use cookies.
They use round cakes that represent the full moon. Another story about a birthday cake started in Germany called "Geburtstagorten" is one of the most common birthday cake types used during birthdays. This cake is a cake with some layers that taste sweeter than bread cakes.
Another symbol that always accompanies a birthday cake is the use of a birthday candle on a cake. The Greeks who dedicate their cake to the goddess Artemis also put candles on it for making the cake look bright lit up like a moon (gibbons, 1986). The Germans are famous for being candle-making and also start making small candles for their cakes. Some people say that candles are placed for religious / Some Germans put large candles in the middle of their cakes to signify "The Light of Life" (Corwin, 1986). Others believe that
To invite friends of the baby, you need to design and print a birthday invitation first and then share it with friends who want to be invited. 10 examples of child birthday invitation ideas we provide below may be enriching inspiration for your baby's birthday:
The bear theme is a theme that can be used by both boys and girls. Is your child a bear lover or a teddy bear? If yes, then the birthday invitation we design below can also be an option. In addition, we also provide a description of the appropriate birthday decorating ideas.

-The aerospace theme is of course mostly for boys, but if your child is a space-loving little girl ... do not worry. In the birthday decor you can add beautiful accents to make it sweeter

-The gold color is of course a trend of all time. With a birthday invitation for children with geometric touch and art deco as below, you can match with simple but very charming decoration ... also do not need big cost.

-What is the theme that impressed closer to nature for the baby? You can choose a jungle theme or a zoo. The dominance of green color and warm soil colors, making this little invitation seem very down to earth. You can also create simple & charming decorations in your own home as below.
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