Blocky Dino Park: Spino Strike -v0.10

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The king of all dinosaurs, the T-Rex has meet his nemesis the ultimate predator, Spinosaur. This amphibian dinosaur is the king of both water and land. This blocky predator crafts his way to the blocky park to rampage and destroy the park at once.

The Spinosaur was crafted by some cube scientist using the DNA blocks of the prehistoric Spino. They build it by extracting the amber of a cubic mosquito that suck the Spino blocky blood. Thus producing an ultra aggressive evolved dinosaur, the raging Spino. The Spino was so strong and angry it goes to strike and rampage the blocky dino park.

After arriving at blocky Dino Park, the Spino meet lot of enemies, the Raptor Squad and his old nemesis, the T-Rex. The already broken Dino Park is overrun by lot of thugs and criminals. Spino must defeat the remaining human criminals, other enemy dinosaurs and lastly, the mutant enemy Spino, the Dominator Spinosaur. Will the Spino be able to defeat all of them at once?

How To Play:
– Use joystick to move around as the Spino
– Press attack button to use claw and bite attack, and attack everything left in the blocky Dino Park
– Press smash skill to use powerful claw strike

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– Cool 3D blocky graphics
– Amazing cretaceous and jurassic era gameplay of Spinosaur
– Memorable diamond experience
– Soothing sound effects and music

Developed by Eric Dibtra

Blocky Dino Park: Spino Strike -v0.10 Free Apk Download

Blocky Dino Park: Spino Strike-v0.10 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Dexus.Dinosaur.BlockyDinoPark.SpinoStrike Android App

Blocky Dino Park: Spino Strike

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version 0.10
Blocky Dino Park: Spino Strike-v0.10 Apk Download

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