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Sometimes if we are a hobby we accidentally found a bonsai will easily. But still before choosing and determining the bonsai we will have to have a complete picture of the bonsai that we will make. Before choosing and determining the bonsai will then at least we have determined the direction and shape of the bonsai that we will make. If we already have a picture of bonsai shape that we will make then determine and choose will bonsai will be easier. But of course you have to prepare plan a, b, c and d remember in nature we rarely get going bonsai that suits our taste. By making plans a, b, c, d and so it will provide more opportunities to determine and choose bonsai will. With careful planning then our time and energy to hunt bonsai will provide more opportunities. Another alternative is to plant propagation to get the bonsai that suits our taste. That is if our efforts to hunt in the wild or through people who work as hunters bonsai will not work. Actually, many people who work as hunters will bonsai that we can use, so we do not have to bother to bother cut and dig bonsai. Here is how to get bonsai ::

Seedlings from plant seeds such as sawo, orange circle god dewa, nam nam, etc., seedbed with seeds need patience and take a long time even years. Propagation of seeds has the advantage of styles or styles that we plan from small.
Graft, cuttings, grafting; Multiply by grafting, cuttings, grafting. Expand in a way that can be done to all trees or plants that qualify bonsai.
Tillers from the roots; Taking the puppies from this root is very easy to do, the seedlings will grow around the parent plant, grow from its roots (princess, plant comb)
From nature; Most types of ficus can be found attached to other trees (diats coconut tree, palm oil, partially dead tree) attached to old building, growing on the edge of river (Sepang), rocks, Advantages of this nature is the form which has been formed by nature (Due to the wind, dwarfs due to lack of food)
If your choice falls on the search within either searching for yourself or with the help of a bonsai hunter then the following are a few tips from us:

Choose the shape and size of the bonsai will not too big
Note the root root position of the bonsai; Try to find a symmetrical root. But of course it should be tailored to the model and shape of the bonsai we want.
Look out for the bonsai's point of view that will be front or back of the bonsai, if it's found then you can use it.
Choose a bonsai that has long life.
Note whether the plant species (going bonsai) is alive or dry. Sometimes the indicator of the growth of new leaves and stalks does not guarantee the bonsai will survive, because often will grow young twigs because it utilizes energy and nutrients in the stem.
Make sure the type of plant from the bonsai will so we can know the shape of leaves and plant resistance. If we know that the leaf shape of the plant is broad-leaved that is not possible to in the lower it is better not to choose the will of the plant.
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