Bottle gun shooting game : Bot -v1.0

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Grab the gun, aim your target and shoot to smash glass bottles in our bottle gun shooting game.
Play the epic fun bottle gun shooting game, keep shooting to break glass in this game. Show some shooting skills with bottle shooting. Real bottle shooter brings you an adventure in this game. Just aim and shoot to break colorful bottles to become the number one bottle shoot in this game. You will be granted with the title of bottle hunter in this bottle shooting game. Choose the gun you want to start this 3d bottle gun shooting game.

Bottle shooter and archery games improve your focus and accuracy skills level. Take accurate shots to smash all the bottles with pistol while playing broken glass game be calm and stay focused while shooting the moving bottles. This new bottle blast game is specially design to test and improve shooting skills as gun shooter play vital role in army forces, police snipper training to fight terrorists and prisoners in the battlefield. Blast it all with your gun to become bottle shooter need strong pistol grip for bottle shoot in the fixed time duration.this classical shooter game needs focus and precision for bottle hunt master as the levels become harder and thrilling with limited time.

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To start Bottle shoot 3D you need to aim at the bottle by moving gun with screen touch then once you lock the target with pistol just press shoot button to blast all within may have break the bottles with stone or arrow but this time you have a gun in your shooting hand to blast the bubble bottles game that are moving in the water and air.Do copter hunting as some targets are moving in flying copters to break them you need to be a real copter hunter.experience shooting in different adventures!

Bottle gun shooting game features:
Perfect 3d bottle shooting game.•
Best camera angles for better bottle views.•
Effective sniper gun for accurate aims.•
Aim locking facility of player to aim at bottles.•
Simple, easy and smooth game controls.•
Best way to kill your spare time.•
Practical source to remove all tensions.•
Matching bottle breaking sound effects.•
High definition and colourful presentation.•
Beautiful and real symmetry of all levels.•
If you like range shooting game than don't wait anymore and click install button to download this addictive bottle gun shooting game.

Bottle gun shooting game : Bot -v1.0 Free Apk Download

Bottle gun shooting game : Bot-v1.0 Apk Download

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Bottle gun shooting game : Bot

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Bottle gun shooting game : Bot-v1.0 Apk Download

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