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Intense battle arena action awaits! Ride into battle on your epic mount and be king of the hill in!

Choose from over 60+ fantasy heroes, select your weapon and enter the battle arena. 3D low poly battles & epic music set the scene for an epic retro-style fantasy adventure! brings an all new 3D fantasy feel to IO style gameplay. Battle enemies, gain points and level up your mount to see who survives each battle with the most points on the leaderboard. features:

Epic Battles
– Arena battles for only the strongest warriors!
– King of the hill: be the last to survive!

Epic fantasy RPG heroes & mounts
– Knight, Huntress, Samurai: choose from over 60+ heroes!
– Heroes have different attack powers. Choose wisely!
– Mounts level up as you progress! Horse, wolf, even moose!
– Unlock new heroes & ride into battle!

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Strategy & Skill
– Tap to attack, or hold to aim a precise shot!
– Strategy & skill are key. Dash to dodge roll enemy attacks!
– Choose the right warrior for the right game mode!

3D artwork games
– Low poly artwork for an iconic style.
– Move in isometric 3D to plan your attack!
– Watch your back… Enemies can attack from any direction!

Upgrade games
– Collect XP and coins as you battle through enemies.
– Upgrade your weapons as you collect coins!
– Merge upgrades to forge more powerful weaponry!

Epic fantasy fighting action awaits! Download now!

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