Call Assistant – Fake Call -v6.5

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Call Assistant – Fake Call helps you to schedule a call at your preferred time/day. You can also schedule a quick fake call with one tap.

– Schedule a new fake call at a specific time.
– Customize fake caller name, phone number, caller photo for a new fake call.
– Choose more than 36 fake call screen layouts.
– Caller history can be checked.
– You can set up a fake call and receive it as a real one.
– This app works without internet.
– Can fake call background and foreground.
– Record your own voice which can be played when you pick up the fake call.
– Choose fake caller information from your contacts.
– Fake call ringtone, vibration and voice can be customized.
– Supported multiple languages.
– Dynamic shortcut and pinned shortcut supported.
– Customized flashlight enable/disable for each fake calls.
– Fake call Ring volume, Media volume can be customized.
– Fake call Ring time and Talk time can be customized

How to use Call Assistant:
– Choose you want to simulate: Fake Call.
– Set Name, phone number and caller photo.
– Record your voice: The voice can be played automatically when you pick a call.
– Choose delay time to receive fake Call.
– Choose ringtone to receive fake Call.
– Fun with your friends !!!

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Disclaimer: Call Assistant app does not have a real incoming call feature. it just a simulated incoming Prank Call.

For our Monthly plan subscribers in India: Reserve Bank of India has generated a notification for processing of recurring online transaction under which, your monthly subscriptions WILL NOT AUTO RENEW. You will have to buy subscriptions for subsequent month in the mean time. You can refer to the notification here

Call Assistant – Fake Call -v6.5 Free Apk Download

Call Assistant - Fake Call-v6.5 Apk Download

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Call Assistant – Fake Call

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Call Assistant - Fake Call-v6.5 Apk Download

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