Carom Billiards -v2.2.1

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Carom Billiards is the most realistic and closest to reality billiards simulation available on store. 8 A game of carambole is played with 2 players, each playing with a yellow or white ball. With their ball, players must hit simultenaeously the two other balls.This Billiards game gives you the ability to against device, train solo or compete in real-time with players from any country.

It features:

Highly realistic physic engine
Ball react to cues impulse the way they would in reality and you can achieve in this billiard game all ball effects you would do on real pool tables.

Very accurate controls and targeting
Controls are designed to be intuitive and simple but yet allow you show off all your billiards techniques including back spin, top spin, left/right spins and more.

Best Network Engine
The multiplayer engine used here is Photon PUN that has proven to be the fastest and most reliable network real-time multiplay engine. Create room, pick a player or invite your friends to play and get rewards for each online victory.

Many different game modes
Multiplayer, Device Artificial Intelligence, Training are there to make you improve your rank in our world-wide Hall of Fame.

3D/2D Views
Swith easily duing pool game between 2D and 2D views

How to Play
Rotate your queue around cue ball to choose direction. Then slide the left-hand cue slider to achieve the desired impulse.

Try French Billiards Carambole multiplayer game now and feel joys of on-line victories!

Carom Billiards -v2.2.1 Free Apk Download

Carom Billiards-v2.2.1 Apk Download

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Carom Billiards

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version 2.2.1
Carom Billiards-v2.2.1 Apk Download

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