Carrom Board Classic Game -v1.16

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Carrom Board Classic Game is one of the best of all Board Games and a Perfect time killer.
The game is all about accuracy, fun, and full of entertainment.
Have you ever played on Carrom Board so the realistic stuff you are looking is here and it's more user friendly and has best controls?
You can also play with your friends and with CPU AI in different modes, you have to be perfect and cleaver while playing against CPU AI.
You would love to play and get addicted to this Carrom Board Classic Game.

For those who don't know the carrom game, it is a strike and pocket game.
Here it's (also known as karrom or carom or caram) you will use the finger to shoot the pieces (carrom and 3D disc).

Carrom Board Classic Game is highly addictive for all android users. If you are seeking for the best indoor Carrom game, or whatever it's spelling is, this is the best Carrom Board Indoor time killer game.

Carrom Board Classic Game is also known by the name karrom, (coin star) or carom ludo in all over Asia.
While playing the Carrom game you have to shoot black and white pieces with your fingers.
Pocket the white and black pieces before hitting the red coin (Queen) apart from that it will be in the center again during the game.
You have to be accurate while taking aim and shoot the way to you shoot in different styles.

Download this highly addictive Carrom Board Classic Game and enjoy it with your friends and family members.
Controls are intuitive to any gamer that's why your concentration or focus is the key for winning. The ultimate addictive fun carom game full of entertainment.
Challenge friends to play against or the CPU AI players in this awesomely addictive game.
Carrom Board Classic Pool Game is the most realistic, physics-based, and enjoyable carrom games available on mobiles and tabs. Enjoy the Carrom season.

* Became Pro Carrom Player competes with others.
* Use your skills to beat CPU AI.
* 3 Different Modes (Easy, Medium, Hard).
* Various Stunning Strikers to choose.
* Realistic Physics applied (User Friendly)
* Awesome high-resolution graphics.

Carrom Board Classic Game -v1.16 Free Apk Download

Carrom Board Classic Game-v1.16 Apk Download

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Carrom Board Classic Game

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Carrom Board Classic Game-v1.16 Apk Download

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