Carrom Royal: Disc Pool Game -v10.10.02

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Carrom Royal is a casual carrom board game, an Indian version of pool or billiards game. Carrom Royal is a real time, family & Kids friendly Carrom game that gives the experience of real carrom board.

Play Carrom Royal the World best carrom board games ( कैरम बोर्ड गेम ) & be the Royal Carrom King. So can you become the Carrom King in exciting the world of Board games?

⭐⭐⭐ Game modes in Carrom Royal ⭐⭐⭐:

This Carrom game download is free for everyone and works in both carrom offline and online mode. With simple gameplay, smooth controls and great physics it is designed and developed for India's best board game carrom 2022 year as a free game.

► Multiplayer Carrom Board Online Game : In Carrom royal (carrom game online – Online Multiplayer), you can compete with real opponents across the world who are ready to challenge you in in real-time Online Carrom pool game.

► Carrom Board Offline : Now you can play Caram on a single device without internet. Enjoy the two Carrom offline mode of Carrom Royal : Board Disc Pool.

● Play with Computer: Single Player Offline Mode Play Vs Computer and challenge the AI.

● Play with Friends: 2 Player Carrom Board offline, where you can play carrom board wala game against your Carrom friends, family or kids on the same device. Challenge your Carrom friends now !

► Carrom Challenge: Carrom coins are randomly placed on the board. With limited number of chances, pot all the coins to move to the next level. Here you can show your skills & win exciting rewards like carrom gold coins, chest, gems etc. This addictive Carrom Pool mode has 1000 plus unique challenges, Can you complete all the levels ?

Carrom Royal Exciting Features

Top carrom game with mind blowing features like Power Ups, Striker power & aim options, uniquely designed colorful pucks, and many more interesting collectibles.

★ Play with players across the world in carrom online multiplayer.
★ Daily rewards plus Watch video to earn more Carrom Gold coins.
★ 2 Player Mode – carrom multiplayer game (I.e carrom two players Online & Offline)
★ Interact with other players by sending emojis and messages.
★ Purchase: In app purchase offered to buy more coins/ gems/ chest, disc and strikers.
★ Single profile mapped with Facebook ID. In Carrom Royal You will not loose your progress when connected to Facebook.
★ Play to win chests. Open chests to unlock different pucks and strikers

** How to Play Carrom ** :

For those who don't know carrom game, it is a strike and pocket game. Here its (also known as karrom or carom or caram or Pool) you will use the finger to shoot the pieces (carrom and 3D disc). Nothing to worry, Carrom Royal has simple and clear karrom tutorials.

When you start a multiplayer online match, You get to choose the type between DISC POOL and CLASSIC, then further made selection of game mode FREESTYLE or BLACKWHITE. You will get game mode selection option in Carrom Offline as well.

The objective of the carrom new games is players should cover all his pucks along with carrom queen to win the game.

► CLASSIC CARROM GAME : Everyone must shoot the ball of their chosen color into the hole, and then they chase the red ball, also known as the "Queen", hitting the Queen and the last ball in succession will win real carrom.

► CARROM POOL DISC GAME: In this mode, you must set the correct angle. Then shoot the ball into the pocket. Without the queen ball, you can win by hitting all the balls into the pocket.

► FREESTYLE CARROM GAME: Points system, regardless of black and white, hits the black ball +10, hits the white ball +20, hits the red ball queen +50 in this freestyle carrom, the person with the highest score wins.

► BLACK WHITE CARROM : One player will pot all black while the opponent will pot all white coins. If you pot the wrong color, your opponent will get the points. You’ll feel more challenging then freestyle mode.

Carrom Royal: Carrom game Download now for FREE.

Carrom Royal: Disc Pool Game -v10.10.02 Free Apk Download

Carrom Royal: Disc Pool Game-v10.10.02 Apk Download

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Carrom Royal: Disc Pool Game

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Carrom Royal: Disc Pool Game-v10.10.02 Apk Download

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