Cattle Farming Milk Transport -v1.3

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Dairy farm â†Ē Milk factory â†Ē Milk Transportation

Experience new 3d adventurous milk transportation game. You need to deliver milk from dairy farm to factory. And after processing milk, you have to transport it to stores and shops and for sale. Cattle farming milk transport is one of best delivery games in the market. If you like village games then it is best chance to collect milk from a farm in the village and transport it to the city.

🐮 Hurry up! Cows are bleating🐮

At dawn, Cows and Buffaloes are bleating at a dairy farm off road in a village. Milkman is ready to milk the cow. You must need the hurry to collect fresh milk. Take your rapid milk tanker with the capacity of hundreds of thousands of pounds milk and go away. Super marvelous milk tanker simulation game is just a click away from you. Try this best 3d dairy farming and milk transportation task and reward us with your kind reviews and feedbacks.

☞ 7 Tips to make your end a successive end

➊ Ignite tanker and accelerate to achieve your task.
➋ Steer your truck fastly as you have limited time to complete your job.
➌ Find milk parking area and park your truck appropriately.
➍ Tap to fill milk tank completely with milk.
➎ Wait for filling until tanker fills completely.
➏ Tanker will be filled, now you have to start your journey from green village to city.
➐ It's done. Now speed up your vehicle to stores and milk shops.

♛ Heights of Game ♛

☑ 10 different impressive levels. Unlock all to end game at a huge total score.
☑ Full view geo map to track your truck current position and destination.
☑ 4 different stunning 3d trucks to complete milk delivery task.
☑ Special 3d full zoom back rear camera for reverse gear.
☑ Trucks have super XP powers as you go ahead in the game.
☑ Super powerful front and back gears to move to and fro.
☑ 3 different camera angles to view all the surroundings of the tanker.
☑ Play more, earn more cash and unlock other levels to get trucks with more XP power.
☑ Glorious chance to complete milk transportation task for responsible persons, As you are.
☑ Time is limited to complete each level, so Increase your kph speed as you have assigned fast & furious milk tanker.

Milky chance! You'll lovin it

Try new one addicting gameplay, a complete package for milk lovers. Transport milk tanker from the land of milk to a city where milk is ready for sale.
Play milk transport truck game and grant your kind reviews and suggestions to update this for our honorable fans in future.

Cattle Farming Milk Transport -v1.3 Free Apk Download

Cattle Farming Milk Transport-v1.3 Apk Download

Apk Download com.thegameobject.cattle.farming.milk.transport Android App

Cattle Farming Milk Transport

package id com.thegameobject.cattle.farming.milk.transport
Rating 4.36
Catgory Auto & Vehicles
version 1.3
Cattle Farming Milk Transport-v1.3 Apk Download

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