Character Maker -How to draw -v3.2.6

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★This app is for beginners. If your drawing skill is proficient, you don't need to download this app 🙂

Character Maker – How to draw
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Compatibility> Smartphone, Tablet
Min.> GalaxyS2 class smartphone
Supported Languages> English, Korean

[Maker Series]
Character Maker – How to draw (Original version. Male & Female)
Character Maker – Child (Second version. Children)
Dot Maker (2D Game Character)

Character Maker is 2D program.
However you can draw 2D character with 3D ANGLE system.
This is not drawing. It's a Making!
You can create objects of character's bodies in a Object Mode, and place them where you want. Rotate the objects.
Then, after changing the mode to a Pen, Draw the rest on canvas with the stylus pen.
(Object Mode <=> Pen Mode)

1. Output image is PNG file. (you can choice transparent background or white)
2. Use two layers.
3. Output image size(Canvas): 956 * 1700px (Standard)
this size is different depending on device.
4. Man and woman characters are provided.

Instead of drawing along just photos, you can create a character based on the generated objects.
What you want style, look, and muscle can be expressed with the personality.
And it is possible to draw a storyboard, illustration and etc through created character.

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Character Maker -How to draw -v3.2.6 Free Apk Download

Character Maker -How to draw-v3.2.6 Apk Download

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Character Maker -How to draw

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Character Maker -How to draw-v3.2.6 Apk Download

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