Chess 2 -v1.1.8

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Play new, easy to use implementation of classic Chess with many capabilities!

• Seven levels of difficulty: novice to grandmaster
• Possibility to set up your own starting position on board (single player only)
• Full undo (single player only)
• Chess puzzles: learn some tricks
• Several sets of chess pieces and boards
• Play ONLINE with friends or random opponents
• Online games are saved on server (note: your game is saved for one week; if you don’t make you move for one week, you lose the match)
• Ratings and achievements
• Hot seat: play with friends using one device

Chess 2 -v1.1.8 Free Apk Download

Chess 2-v1.1.8 Apk Download

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Chess 2

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Rating 4.14
Catgory Board
version 1.1.8
Chess 2-v1.1.8 Apk Download

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