Chesser – bluetooth chess -v0.1.21

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• Play chess via Bluetooth with two devices.
• Game interface that is also suitable for beginners!
• Save and load games.
• Chesser is FAF – Free and Ad Free!
• Pawn promotion, castling and taking en-passant are available.
• Open source project with gpl liscence >>>


• Make sure Bluetooth is on and your device is paired with the opponent's device.
• In the app hit "HOST A GAME" if you want to be the white player or "JOIN A GAME" if you want to be the black player.
• First the hosting player has to open the server and then the other player has to choose the host's device name from the list.
• Click on any of your pieces to see their possible moves and click on any highlighted square to make your move, which is then sent automatically. If the piece goes back to its starting square it means you have put your king in check and therefore the move has been cancelled.
• You can save, load and delete games using the menu.
• If the move fails to be sent or there is any other problem, there are two auto saved games that can be of help. For example if the move was not sent you can load the 'last_received' game and remake the move.
• For any questions about chess rules >>>

DISCLAIMER: This app is still under development, feedback would be much appreciated!
Devices with screen resolution of 240*320 will have some problems with the graphics!

Chesser – bluetooth chess -v0.1.21 Free Apk Download

Chesser - bluetooth chess-v0.1.21 Apk Download

Apk Download io.dehaas.chesser Android App

Chesser – bluetooth chess

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version 0.1.21
Chesser - bluetooth chess-v0.1.21 Apk Download

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