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Chinese Newspapers is an application that groups all news of the most important newspapers and magazines of China. With this application you can have in one place, all the information you want without browse individual websites of each newspaper or magazine.

Newspapers are categorized and grouped for better navigation. In this way, you can read 参考消息 and, from this one, you can move to other newspapers of the same category (环球时报 or 新浪首页) by moving up the lower menu. You are going to be able to compare how different newspapers analyze the same news. You can also find important regional newspapers such as 凤凰新闻 or 东方网 in the "Regional" category. We also have financial and political sections (you can read these news at 凤凰财经 or 财经网 – caijing) and, sports fans have 腾讯体育 and 搜狐体育. Fashion magazines could not be missing to be updated on the latest trends, in vogue时尚网, 瑞丽 and 芒果tv-天生青春. You can read everything about with celebrities. Additionally for your convenience you can look through many other newspapers in each section.

As if all this were not enough, now you can also:

◉ Use the app in DARK MODE.
◉ Add newspapers to your wish in any shelf.
◉ Mark a note as favourite to read it at any other time.
◉ Order newspapers or shelves to your wish, just pressing them.
◉ Open newspapers in an external browser.

The logos and content of each newspaper or magazine are the exclusive property of the same. Chinese Newspapers only use them in order to be recognized by readers who use the application, and access the web pages of each newspaper.

Chinese Newspapers -v5.0.5 Free Apk Download

Chinese Newspapers-v5.0.5 Apk Download

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Chinese Newspapers

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Chinese Newspapers-v5.0.5 Apk Download

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