Chunk of Space -v1.0.2a

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Chunk of Space is a fast-paced action game all about survival. Your cute little cube-shaped friend is stranded in space in the middle of nowhere, and is surrounded by hordes of dangerous cubes. His only defense is his jetpack, and you have to help him. Tap to launch in any direction, but be careful. Whichever is moving faster, you or them, will smash the other! Smash as many cubes as you can before one of them gets you! Download now – it's completely free!

Bored of the gameplay, or really tired of the bright white backgrounds? Head to the shop and grab some of the many different customization options! There's music, game modes, art styles, and even skins for your little cube! Best of all, everything can be earned, free of charge!

Chunk of Space -v1.0.2a Free Apk Download

Chunk of Space-v1.0.2a Apk Download

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Chunk of Space

package id com.KoalaSquad.ChunkOfSpace
Rating 0
Catgory Action
version 1.0.2a
Chunk of Space-v1.0.2a Apk Download

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