Classic Dino Cadillacs Lite -v1.10

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Dinosaur classic Dino Lite game with various fighting characters and will give you complete action fun.

-External Control Of Dinosaur Lite Classic Cadillac Dino
-You can adjust button position,size and alpha color as your need
-Small size
———Some playing Guideline———–
1)Press "coin button" then click on "start button" in top left corner
2)For more menu click "option button" in play screen below "coin button"
3)Hit: Button A
4)Jump:Button B
5)Power combo: press button A and B together
6)Flying kick: Double press B then A

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Classic Dino Cadillacs Lite -v1.10 Free Apk Download

Classic Dino Cadillacs Lite-v1.10 Apk Download

Apk Download com.classic.dinoemulator.neschip Android App

Classic Dino Cadillacs Lite

package id com.classic.dinoemulator.neschip
Rating 4.5
Catgory Action
version 1.10
Classic Dino Cadillacs Lite-v1.10 Apk Download

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