Color Bump 3D -v2.5

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The color bumper 3D is just like the color switch 3D game with colorful line hole and roll. in the color bumper 3D you have the color road and different obstacles with different color 3D
You have to fill the color 3D in different board and obstacles. You have to complete the good job to complete the game

The Color bumper 3D jumping Fill Up the color Line with beautiful Color Road. There are a lot of different shapes and color switching circles. Swipe the color switching line 3D with the ball and go through the shapes of same color 3D. React fast & on-time when the color switch ball switches color. Use the color Bumper to protect your color line with color switch ball. when the going gets tough, have fun with a switch game that will offer you color road with color bumping 3D obstacles
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You have to complete the job to win the good game.
➡️ Try one of the most color bumping 3D games in 2020!
The ball starts to switch the color 3D. You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it! The only way is up and you must be precise while bump up the color switching ball with your beautiful color line and roll the ball 3D. Sometimes you need to wait a lot between taps, sometimes you need to tap like crazy. That’s the fun and tricky part – something that will switch you mind into colorful things make the game such a good game and make your job done by simply winning it

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Although this is a simple arcade ball game, this is one of those color bump game 3D where you feel frustrated if you are stuck, but you got to keep playing for hours until you beat your previous high score with switch balls circles. Be careful not to cross the wrong color 3D line with your beautiful color switch ball, also do not cross the color line or color bump with wrong color or you will have to start again. Switch the right color ball in the right moment. It has that fun factor in itself, you’ll always want more and more.

🎮color bump ball features:
✅ online global ranking system
✅ endless bouncing ball arcade gameplay
✅ high score system
✅ powerups
✅ exquisite ball taper HD graphics
✅ cool sound effects & soundtrack

The color bump game is in challenging endless style game that is fun for everyone
The objective of the whole balance game color is very simple: go up & pass through the circle.
But it can be tricky..
Download now the new color bump 3D 2020 for free & test your arcade tapping skills!

Color Bump 3D -v2.5 Free Apk Download

Color Bump 3D-v2.5 Apk Download

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Color Bump 3D

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Color Bump 3D-v2.5 Apk Download

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