Conference Caller -v2.1.21

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Are you tired of entering manually lots of conference codes (DTMF tones) to join or start a phone conference meeting/call?

Join conference call meetings with a simple “one click”!

What is Conference Caller?
Conference Caller works like a general phone book for your conference call meeting details. Each phone book item consists of name, conference code and (optional) pin. When it is time to dial into a call you simply press the phone book item from your list and it will dial the phone number to your conference service and your conference code (+ optionally the pin code)

Note: Program is NOT to be mixed up with “three way calling” or “multi-party call” which sometimes also is called “conference call”

Different conference providers have been tested by us our users of this application. Examples are InterCall, FreeConferenceCall and AT&T conference calling. Please share conference providers You successfully use the application for in comments so others can benefit from it also.

Example of features:
* No limit of how many conference call objects you can have
* "Instant conference" support
* Quick start of own conference in the toolbar
* Statistics over your conference calls
* Possibility to define the character send after and before conference code and PIN are send

Conference Caller -v2.1.21 Free Apk Download

Conference Caller-v2.1.21 Apk Download

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Conference Caller

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Conference Caller-v2.1.21 Apk Download

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