Core Space -v1.4

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Core Space takes you to an infinite universe of action in two-dimensional space combat.

With the graphic marvel of the old arcade style of ships combat type games, Core Space takes you to a universe of action and variety in which you will hardly get bored.

Fly freely for each universe of the game.
It faces increasingly complex challenges.
Defeat different forms of cores.
Fight on the way against the defenses.
Acquire improvements for your ship.

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Core Space offers a well-designed design in graphics, effects, sounds and adaptive music.

Relive the experience of the old school with a modernized style.

Core Space -v1.4 Free Apk Download

Core Space-v1.4 Apk Download

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Core Space

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Catgory Action
version 1.4
Core Space-v1.4 Apk Download

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