Craball – Zombie Robot Scrappe -v1.3

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Scrap the evil zombie robots that have invaded earth with your trusty Craball mech in this action game!

Transform into the faster Ball mode to move quickly and escape tight places and then transform into Battle mode to unleash your weapons on the evil zombie robots!

You can choose different weapons to use depending on your play style

– Blaster: Fast firing accurate weapon, good for scrapping single zombie robots quickly
– Grenade Launcher: Slower firing weapon that deals a lot of damage to many zombies at once
– Really Hot Sword: Use this if you're brave enough to fight close to the zombie robots and can handle the sword. This can also deal a lot of damage quickly

You can use any 2 weapons on each side of your Craball. Use 2 Blasters or 1 blaster and 1 grenade launcher or anything you want!

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Want something more challenging? Test your zombie robot scrapping skills in the Survival Mode and reach the top of the leaderboard!

Show the zombie robots who's boss!

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Craball – Zombie Robot Scrappe -v1.3 Free Apk Download

Craball - Zombie Robot Scrappe-v1.3 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Khan0nGames.Craball Android App

Craball – Zombie Robot Scrappe

package id com.Khan0nGames.Craball
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Catgory Action
version 1.3
Craball - Zombie Robot Scrappe-v1.3 Apk Download

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