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Ice cream is a frozen food made from dairy products such as cream (or the like), combined with flavorings and sweeteners. This mixture is cooled by stirring while reducing its temperature to prevent the formation of large ice crystals. Traditionally, the temperature is reduced by putting a mixture of ice cream onto a container inserted into a mixture of crushed ice and salt. Salt makes the liquid water can be below the freezing point of pure water, making the container get a touch evenly with the water and ice.
Although the term ice cream is often used to point to a frozen dessert and snack, but it is actually used to point to a frozen dessert and snack consisting of milk fat. Many countries restrict the use of the term based on the quantity of the basic ingredients of the food. After getting to know ice cream, this time the discussion will be discussed is about crafts that can be made from ice cream sticks one of which is to make a miniature home made from ice cream sticks. Prepare some ingredients and tools: Ice Cream Sticks, Paper, Lemonade, Ruler, Cutlery, and Pencil. After all materials and tools are ready, let's follow the steps to make miniature home crafts. Before we make a miniature home crafts, the first step to do is to make a house plan first. We can make a house plan like making a real home.
You can search simple house plans from various sources, then print or print on paper. Well, this plan will later be used as a reference in making a miniature house.
After we prepare the plan, the next step is to make the foundation, or the bottom of the house. First of all, connect some ice cream sticks by using a glue shot following a floor plan or a pre-made house pattern. Once the foundation or foundation is ready, then stick another ice cream stick to make the floor. You can cut an ice cream stick too long by using scissors or other cutting tools.
If the foundation and floor are ready, the next step is to make a wall. You can stick an ice cream stick as a pole first. When all the corners are mounted the pole of the ice cream sticks, then pairs of walls.
You can first measure how long the extreme sticks are needed. If all it takes is short, you can cut the ice cream stick. However, if you need a long, you can combine several sticks into one. Do not forget to make a hole for windows and doors, so when later on the house of your ice cream sticks look like the original.
When the wall has been successfully completed, the next step is to make the roof of the house. First of all, you have to make the roof truss first, of course by using ice cream sticks as well. After the roof truss so, you can put a roof on it. You can use ice cream sticks as a tile, or can also use other materials.
How? Although it looks complicated, but it would be cool if we can finish this craft.
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