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A loopy chenille bunny with garden goodies peeks out from a whimsical wreath to warmly welcome your guests.

Completion time – 2-4 hours

Solid heart, 6" x 1"Ball, 3"

Other Materials
14" straw wreath1-3/8" green plaid ribbon, 5 yds.Beige loopy chenille: jumbo, 4 yds.; junior, 1/3 yPom poms: 2" beige, two; 3/4" black, one28mm oval eyes, two
Craft stick
Painted "Welcome" picket, approximately 14"Artificial vegetable picks, two
Silk ivy bush with two 12" stems, two 7" stems,
Floral pins
32-gauge spool wire


Wire cutters
Utility knife
Low-temp glue gun
Serrated knife and candle stub


1. Spiral-wrap a 2-1/2 yd. length of plaid ribbon evenly
around wreath, gluing ends to back.

2. Wrap a 1-3/4 yd. length of jumbo loopy chenille around foam
heart to cover, gluing ends to secure.

3. Cut foam ball in half with serrated knife waxed with candle
stub. Push a half ball, flat side down, in center of
chenille-wrapped heart; if needed, trim edges to fit with
serrated knife. Glue ball in place and secure with T-pins.
Position heart with point at center top for bunny's head.

4. Glue two beige pom poms side by side to heart head near
center bottom of half ball. Cut a 6" length of jumbo loopy
chenille. Form chenille in a coil and glue it covering foam
half ball above pom pom cheeks. Glue black pom pom nose and
eyes to head just above cheeks (refer to photo).

5. Fold in half a 14" length of jumbo loopy chenille, forming
an ear. Glue 5" length in between chenille layers, starting at
fold. Twist opposite ends together. Repeat to make a second ear.
Using T-pins, secure ears to sides of head 3/4" from heart point.

6. Form junior loopy chenille in three uniform loops and twist
ends to secure. Glue loops to head between ears for a hair tuft.

7. Attach bunny to wreath by cutting a point in one end of
craft stick. Insert pointed end 2" into inside center bottom
of wreath and glue. Apply a generous amount of glue to front
of craft stick and press back of bunny on top. When dry, insert floral
pins into back of bunny around craft stick to reinforce joint.

8. Glue welcome picket to left side of bunny and wreath.

9. From jumbo loopy chenille, cut one 14" and one 12" length.
Fold each length in half and twist ends together to secure.
Shape each to form curled arms and attach to wreath below head with
T-pins. Position longer arm at left, wrapped around welcome picket.

10. Using 2 yards of plaid ribbon, form a bow with a center
loop, two 5-1/2" loops, and two 18" streamers; wire center to
secure. Center and wire a 24" length of plaid ribbon to bottom
of bow, forming two 12" tails. Cut 12" tails in half lengthwise.
Glue and pin bow to center bottom of wreath at bunny's neck.

11. Using 24" of plaid ribbon, form a small bow with tails and
wire to secure. Glue bow to top of wreath, slightly off-center.

12. Insert vegetable picks in wreath, tucking them in curled
ends of arms.

13. Cut and pin ivy to fill in wreath as desired.

the creativity is endless. so enjoy your own favorite guys!

for further information and detail tutorial, download this application now and you will have what you want.
please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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