Critical Attack -v1.1

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This is our last chance, destroy all evil robots on this Critical Attack.
The most important robot facilities is trying to conquer the world with their robots, you are our last chance.
Evade and shoot all your enemies in this Action game with amazing graphics.

Critical Attack is a game about evade and attack, multiple menace will try to destroy you from everywhere, lasers, dropping bombs, bullets.

Attack them with your bullets, pick up power ups and become unstoppable for a limited time.

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Don't worry to lost your ship, your score become experience, level up and comeback more powerful than before.

Critical Attack -v1.1 Free Apk Download

Critical Attack-v1.1 Apk Download

Apk Download com.PowerSlashGames.CriticalAttack Android App

Critical Attack

package id com.PowerSlashGames.CriticalAttack
Rating 0
Catgory Action
version 1.1
Critical Attack-v1.1 Apk Download

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